Canada Getaway

After another month working away on Jennie we decided to get away for a while and have a break. We headed off to Canada for 3 weeks and spend some time with our son and our gorgeous grandkids and off course did some sight seeing. We have been to Canada so many times and still we have fallen in love with its beauty, we have contemplated several times moving here. We always visit Niagara Falls and meet so many tourists, this time around we meet some Aussies and the husband is a Swan Hill Electrician. This was certainly a talking point with Jennie. We ended up catching up several times with these guys and cannot believe how easy we all got along. I hounded the poor man about electrical work on Jennie, poor bugger was getting away from that but seemed super keen to hear all about our adventures. When we head to Australia next whether is be via the sea or sky we are going to catch up for sure. And off course they are going to plan a trip to America and stay. I can just see us sitting back with cheese platters and wine on our precious Jennie and give those Aussies a fair dinkum adventure. We were fortunate enough to be in Canada for the celebration of light festival, certainly an event well worth the trip to see. Our grandkids go ever year but this year they got to enjoy us tagging along. The streets were lit up with humongous fireworks, which seemed to go on for hours. We strolled along the Gingerbread and candy lane walks while the fireworks erupted above, amazing how beautiful these lights can dazzle you. There was music, signing and off course the kids loved all the pop up candy stalls along the way. A fantastic night and almost something we could make into an annual event. We are so lucky to stay with family because the hotels and accommodation are booked out well in advance. After a well rested break and time catching up and chasing around grandkids it was nice to be back home with our own comforts.

Next Adventure

So we are casting back to the moment we agreed to buying in and helping with the boat. My wife was so excited and it was our next big project. My wife agreed she wasn’t the handiest person when it came to building so she stuck to the shiner and more sophisticated things. At the end of the week my wife would bring in a huge portfolio filled with cut outs and ideas for the boat… yes if she got her way we would be floating on a boat full of diamonds. And behind the senses my wife ‘Julie’ probably time we used first name basis, she had been doing some extensive research into mini and long term holidays on the boat. She had 1-week adventures planned out and mind you down to the point where we could dine out and even budgeted in on costing estimates. She was always handy when it came to spreadsheets and certainly the master at planning. I stick to the tools and she can stick to decorating and planning… perfect team. So the plan was to get the boat completed and finished and ready for sail before we told the kids… ahhh fail we lasted a month before our excitement was thrown out of us, some of our kids were immediately excited and then the younger 2 thought we were mad and going through some mid-life crisis! Wasn’t before long our son flew back for work and also found himself helping each weekend and then every couple of nights he to had become attached. I loved working alongside my eldest as it felt like we hadn’t done this since he was in his early teens, the stories and dreams we discussed were priceless. This boat which I always seem to refer our yacht back to as I always though if you can sleep on it then it’s a boat! Incorrect I know but anyway as I as trying to say this boat has already become more than just that, feels like we have already got more than just that. So that “boat” needed a name so we left it up to out grandchildren, they all got the help from their parents and the younger ones well I guess they had a rather helping hand. Ao for argument sake all the names got thrown into the skippers had and long and behold her name is “Jennie” which was just perfect. My wife always told me it was a female boat… thank god we didn’t pull terminator out of the hat!

Consolidate… to merge, join, unite, fuse, strengthen….

So we brought a yacht, yep we literally and randomly bought a yacht, some would say it was a week moment, mid life crisis or as others would say it was destiny which is what we like to hear. And so our story goes, we had worked all our life and mind you worked bloody hard, we saved, raised 5 kids, schooled and paid for their university and before we knew it our kids were gone, my wife was always finding ways to draw the kids back home for Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, you name it she tried anything! But after time and kids moving from country to country and others settling down and starting families it wasn’t that easy or affordable for them to all travel back. It was near impossible to get around all our children even though we had retired we also wanted to travel….. travel the world, wasn’t that everyone’s dream at some point? We wanted to discover the world before we end up in a retirement home. My wife wanted to explore exotic islands, I want to see the great wall of china and see a pyramid in Egypt, hell we ever want to go down under to Australia. After living near the ocean we have always been fond of it, we have been on cruise ships before and we loved the odd fishing adventure but never had we dreamed of buying a yacht and actually sleeping out in the sea and exploring the never ending blue water. So we went out and met some old friends who are right into sailing one day and they took us down after lunch and showed us their rig… and ohhh my they were not short of a few pennies and my goodness it was luxury on water with no limitations. My wife’s eyes were glazed over which I assumed she was already dreaming of bottles of wine and cheese while gaining a beautiful brown tan. So after a few months our old friend rang us and said he had an old yacht he has been working on and he had lost a little interest in completing the project, the plan was to pass it onto his brother one day but sadly he had passed away so his plan had come to a stand sill. So he offered me to help him finish working on the boat and at a reasonable and ridiculous bargain price offered it was too good to knock back. So after working for 2 years on and off the boat was complete… it was beautiful, it was perfect.